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Daily Meal Plan – Day 2

Moving on to day 2 of my weekly meal plan, you’ll see today is taco day. We always have healthy tacos on tuesday, and I plan my days meals around that. I typically cut back on carbs that day so I can save them up for dinner. It’s not always easy to eat carb free all day, but I think it’s totally worth it!

Now I didn’t mention in my last post, but I want to in this one. All my days meals are based on the 21 Day Fix meal plan for bracket 1. That means eating 1,200-1,499 calories a day. When I am doing this plan I am eating at a calorie deficit to lose weight. This is not something I do over an extended period of time. Like the name says, I use this portion plan for 21 days. When I reach the end of the 21 days, I switch back to eating in a higher calorie bracket.

This meal plan in broken down into containers. Each day I stick to eating 3 greens (veggies), 2 purple (fruits), 4 reds (protein), 2 yellow (carbs), 1 blue (healthy fats), 1 orange (seeds, nuts, dressings), and 2 tsp (oils, peanut butter).

These meal plans are intended to give you an idea of how to organize your meals. Each meal is based off of what you are eating the rest of the day. Like my giving up carbs all day so I can have them for dinner. Eating with intention and purpose can help to control overeating, and eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. If I’m having a veggie heavy meal for lunch I may want to cut back on veggies at dinner, and focus more on protein. Or, I may want to save up a fruit serving for a snack after dinner if I know I get a sweet tooth at night.

Here is an example of what day two looks like for me.



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