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Pizza Fridays 

My family has been having pizza Friday for several years now. My kids look forward to it every week. On the rare occasions where our plans get changed, there is always considerable grumbling from the masses. 

Along the way of my fitness journey, our pizza has evolved quite a bit. First a few years ago we switched from ordered pizza to take and bake. That also had a lot to do with Pappa Murphy’s opening right behind our house! There is a lot less grease, with a take and bake, and I felt like that was a pretty good change. 

I’ve always made my own here and there. I enjoy cooking, and I started getting better results with the crust after a little practice, and experimentation. I would make whole wheat occasionally, but mostly stuck with white flour. Cause that tasted best, and the kids didn’t complain. It’s what we were used to. 

Since committing myself to a healthier life, I’ve completely switched to homemade, whole wheat crust pizza. I even mix up my own pizza sauce that is free of preservatives, and excess sugar. And guess what? My family loves it. I get no complaints. They are so happy to have pizza; they don’t seems to care how it has changed. I must admit, it’s pretty darn tasty. 

Aside from our pizza getting healthier, there is another side effect from our healthy eating. We have so many more leftovers! 

A few years ago we would maybe have 3-4 slices of pizza leftover from two large pizzas.  I was eating 2-3 slices per meal, my hubs was eating 3-4, my oldest daughter was having 2-3, and then each of my smaller girls were usually having two slices a piece. That’s so much food, and so many carbs!

Now, like tonight, I had one slice of pizza, and a full serving of veggies in a salad. Finish that off with a glass of water, and I’m full. The hubs is down to two slices with some salad, and my little girls are happy with one slice each. I realized that the kids weren’t really eating two pieces. They would eat one, and pick at the other, leaving the crust behind. Which of course, I would usually finish off. (Like I needed more!) 

Tonight I made two pizzas, and ended up putting 1 1/4 pizzas in the fridge when we were done eating. We have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow! It’s amazing!!

I am so much happier with my families health, and fitness levels. Since starting my first round of 21 day fix, I have watched as major changes have happened for us. We eat healthier and smarter. Our portion sizes are under control. We are happier, and our overall well being has improved. 

My family is proof that you can eat pizza and still eat clean, eat healthy, and have delicious food!


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